Q: What will happen if I will be going to exceed my quota of the traffic?
A: It is simple. If you really consider, that the greater volume of traffic is necessary to you, you can order an additional package to your server package, in the size in 1000 Gbytes.
Q: What power of ddos attack can you suppress?
A: Up to 14Gbps or 10,000,000 PPS.
Q: You guarantee a high quality, don't you? But where your servers are situated in?
A: Yes it is. All our servers are allocated in data center in Switzerland. It is the additional quality assurance of our services.
Q: Do you use a branded servers and equipment for your services, do you? What kind of brand do you use?
A: Yes, we use it. Our equipment consist of some brands like server brand SuperMicro and similar. We use the latest models of the server platform which base on newest Intel CPU's.
Q: What Operating system support is carried out by your company?
A: We can Support such operating systems as FreeBSD, CentOS, Debian, Fedora Core, etc. Also we can install some operating system that you would like.
Q: How much uptime do you guarantee for you servers?
A: We guarantee at least 99.95% network and power uptime for all of our dedicated servers.
Q: I want to order dedicated server online. Can I do it?
A: Yes, you can. All services, including dedicated server, can be ordered online. Use online order wizard, or contact us.
Q: What kinds of payment do you accept?
A: Accessible kinds of payment are specified in section Payments. If you would like to pay in other systems, please contact us.