Dedicated Servers

In the age of eCommerce it is so important to be at all times in order. To do so may require hardware that will operate stably for the benefit of your business. Confidence, here, is the one of conditions, that guarantees prosperity of your business in the internet.

GigabitDC can offer you any dedicated server you need. It means that we will pick out the equipment corresponding your requirements as much as possible. The hosting offered by us is suitable for the large company, and for small internet-repersentation as well.

All you need is to address your requirements to us, and we will arrange any decision by reasonable criterias, no matter how difficult it can be. The optimum ratio of qualitative services, the reliable equipment, high quality experts and wide the Internet-channel (1000 mb/s port) allow us to be one of leaders in the field of services of a dedicated hosting.

Our technical support works in a mode 24/7 that designates instant reaction to any your reference. Reliability of the equipment allows us to give a guarantee of 99.95% of stability uptime.

We use the most popular Open Source Operating systems with our equipment: FreeBSD, Fedora Core, CentOS Linux, Debian.

Dedicated hosting with our company is correct decision for the organization the eCommerce. Join reliable partners and join an environment the Internet.

Additional information:

  • The cost of setup: free setup.
  • The time of setup: instant setup, less then 24 hours.
  • Additional 1024 GB traffic: 90$ per month.
  • Additional IP address: 3$ per month.
  • The cost of reinstall: 100$.