DDoS protection service

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) - this is a computer's attack with using a great number of attacking. More often these are virus infected computers of regular users, that are sending to the server large number of repeated inquiries, which cause an inaccessibility of server.

In the Present time companies which do not care about DDoS protection loosing a thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars, because of DDoS attacks. GigabitDC uses the most modern hardware and software protection methods with using unique technical solutions. That's why we obtain phenomenal results, and today we are one of the best companies of giving DDoS protection service.

We give protection of any kind DDoS attacks, such as:

  • SYN Flood Attack
  • DRDoS Attack
  • ACK Flood Attack
  • UDP Flood Attack
  • HTTP Flood Attack
  • and many others

Our customers have real-time statistics which updates almost every minute.

ddos shieldLinux hosting with DDoS protection


  • Unmetered traffic
  • PHP, Perl, MySQL, Ruby, CGI
  • Free DNS Management
  • FTP
  • cPanel web control management
  • 500 MB disk Space
  • Money back guarantee

Setup: Instant setup
Price: 199$ per month

ddos shieldPersonal DDoS protection service

No need to change your dedicated server or web hosting. Easy to use.

  • 100 mbit/s included
  • Web Caching (optional)
  • Multi-Gigabit protection available
  • Money back guarantee

Setup: Instant setup
Price: 499$ per month

ddos shieldCorporate DDoS protection service

Corporate 10+ gigabits DDoS protection package.

  • 1 Gbit/s included
  • Web Caching (optional)
  • 10+ gigabits protection available
  • SLA agreement
  • Money back guarantee

Setup: Instant setup
Price: 10.000$ per month

We use 95 percents burstable billing.

Make a reasonable choice. Protection is always better than cure incident. Choose GigabitDC as a reliable partner in the field DDoS mitigation.