About us

GigabitDC is a young and dynamic company that provides quality services for internet commerce. We understand the importance of this process, and are ready to provide highest level of services for our customers. Our equipment along with a servers are located in the Switzerland, Zurich, which is an additional guarantee of quality.

Switzerland has been recognized as a one of the most stable countries on many indicators for long time. Everybody, throughout in the world knows the quality of Swiss watches. We also would like to follow that tradition. Through our work we are guided by the motto "everything is for customer", and working on the providing high quality of our services is constantly growing. We are looking forward to the long-term cooperation. Therefore, our proposal is DDoS Protection and dedicated servers.

Our company is young but despite of our specialists is the best in the field, and our equipment has maximum performance. That's why we are confident in the quality of our services. GigabitDC is the right choice.