Powerful dedicated hosting with gigabit connection and DDoS protection

We live in the third millenium, and blossoming of e-commerce has come. That's why it is so important to be constantly on the verge of high technologies and in an efficient status. Right now competition on the internet is pretty big, and this fact requires your representation to be efficient all the time. For this purpose it is necessary to have dedicated server which has DDoS protection service. It's quite possible with sew the company. We offer the highest quality of services for maintenance the e-commerce in an excellent condition.

Everybody knows the Swiss quality, especially a Swiss watches, which are appreciated all over the world as a parameter of long-term reliability you can trust. GigabitDC also makes an accent to this. Quality of services for customers means everything to us. We are working by a principle "only the best offers for customers". Choosing once cooperation with our hosting company, your search for other partners will be over. Here you can find:

  • Reliable equipment and the high-speed channel (gigabit connection).
  • Round-the-clock support under the 24/7 standart.
  • The best experts, who will assist you with any question.
  • And many more good things for you.

All our servers are settled down in the Switzerland, Zurich that assumes a high quality. Also, it's necessary to emphasize, that our equipment has 1000 Mbit connection. Such channel provides not just standart needs, but also any requirements of the complex projects demanding great volumes of traffic. Powerful equipment of our data center allows to solve challenges of any difficulties. We offer you a high class of services. In our services we have achieved excellent results. We'll briefly describe what we propose:

  • DDoS Protection.

Through qualitative approach to security arrangements we can protect your servers. This is a fundamentally important moment in the work of your internet company. You can learn how great the risks of DDoS attacks are, and take action in advance insurance, to avoid unpleasant consequences for their business online. We offer as much as possible effective protection from DDoS attacks. It is important for the high safety of your project. Allways, remember that it's more reasonable to prevent lost of connection, than to incur it by the solving the problem.

  • Dedicated hosting.

Dedicated server is a competent decision if you want to achieve from the project of the maximal productivity which is not achievable on the standart web hosting, or even VPS (VDS). If your internet projects are in need of stable and storage facilities to be in working condition, you should pay attention to dedicated servers. Simple hosting will not be able to provide the necessary capabilities to manage, maintain, scaling and project the management. For more information, please read the relevant section of this site.

If stability and reliability are important to you. If you need a serious computing power. If you need critically a protection against DDoS attacks. If you need the quality dedicated server. Choose GigabitDC! We'll offer what you really need!